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36 New Members First Month

Post Falls, ID

$70k with online training

Kenner, LA

If You Don't Grow, You Will Fail

Modesto, CA

Bruno Antunes Case Study

Santa Clarita, CA

Wes From Fayetteville Fitness Kickboxing

Fayetteville, AR

$20k In 12 Weeks

Pasadena, MD

Client Quits Day Job First Month

Washougal, WA

Makes $8K In 2 Weeks

Grand Junction, CO

Client Enjoying Well Deserved Holidays

Modesto, CA

$20K In 10 Days

Fayetteville, AR

2x Revenue In 3 Months

Frederick, MD

Double Revenue Since Signing Up

Houston, TX

Every Month We're Growing More

East Mesa, AZ

9 Times American BJJ National Champion

Baltimore, MD


academy kings over 300 members added

Union, NJ

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Pinellas Park, FL

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Fountain Valley, CA

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Birmingham, AL

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About These Case Studies...

These are all real, genuine clients of ours who share their honest opinion. Nobody has been compensated in any way, shape, or form to record, appear in the videos or write these testimonials.

We cannot guarantee you any results whatsoever. These people worked hard and smart for their success and truly deserve their results.

These results are a sample from several different markets. Speak with our team 1:1 in a free consultation session to learn more about our strategies.

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